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What Can You Do If You Have Put Wrong Fuel In The Car?

One of the most common mistakes that human beings today make fuels their tank with the wrong fuel like they end up putting Petrol in diesel car. But the chances are filling relatively more minor. The best part is that petrol cars also tend to have refilling nozzles. Generally, the tanks of petrol cars tend to have a small opening, and the diesel dispenser ideally doesn’t fit in it. Above all, putting Wrong fuel in a car is both easy and familiar. But now you must be wondering what happens precisely when you put diesel in a petrol car and vice versa. 

Some Of The Consequences Of Misfueling The Car

Case 1, Diesel In A Petrol Car: 

There are a lot of chances of curtailing misfueling here as the nozzle of a petrol car tank is pretty tiny as compared to the nozzle of a diesel car. But when the petrol tank is filled with diesel, the chances of damage are relatively high. It is because Petrol is quite refined as compared to diesel, and it tends to get ignited by the sparks. One of the most delicate parts that tend to get affected is the fuel filter. It is mainly because the filter isn’t used to the diesel’s greasy properties. Hence it leads to the engine’s misfiring.

Case 2, Petrol In Diesel Car: 

Surely it is a mishap because it leads to expensive engine damage. It is pretty easy to misfuel the vehicle because the nozzles of petrol car tanks are pretty tiny. Diesel cars tend to compress fuels when it comes to ignition. The fundamental problem comes from here when it seems challenging to get rid of Petrol which goes in the interior parts of the engine. 

What Can You Do?

If there is Wrong fuel in car, you should avoid cranking the engine. You can keep your vehicle out of danger if the power is in the tank and you don’t turn on the car. All you need to do is get the car towed to a fuel station in your proximity and, with the help of a professional mechanic, get the car’s tank evacuated. You can fill the car’s tank with original fuel once the tank is empty. 

Don’t stresses even if you have turned on the engine; just turn it off as soon as you realize. Just drain off and flush the tank of the car and then refuel it.