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    Should You Purchase A New Set Of SUV Winter Tyres Already Now?  

SUV winter tyres

As the winter season comes is coming to an end and it is time to change back to your SUV summer tyres, what do you do if your SUV winter tyres look worn out and you will need a new set for the next winter season? This can depend on a few factors. Who is doing your tyre change? Do you do it yourself? Or do you get it done at a tyre service station? If a tyre service station does it, then it might make sense to look at what winter tyres are available and if you can get a good price on a set of tyres. I am sure that they will be happy to get rid of them and not have them on their books and in their inventory over the summer. It might also depend on who stores your tyres? If you store them yourself it might be less of a deal, but if you store them at the tyre shop it might make more sense paying for storing a new set than paying for tyres that are going to be discarded in a few months, even though you will still need to pay for storing the rims, as you will just mount the tyres on the old rims.

If you can get a good deal on a set, I would invest already now as it saves you the time at the end of summer to try to find a set of winter tyres. If they also store the tyres for you, you have zero hassle except that you have to pay now for something that you don’t need for about 6-7 months. Therefore, the discount has to be sufficient so that it makes sense. This is where good negotiation skills can come in handy. If you also purchase a new set of summer tyres at the same time, I am sure you can get a good discount. Make sure that you get the correct dimension of tyres, SUV tyres will be of bigger dimension, so you are probably looking for 225/65R17 winter tyres or larger to fit an SUV.

SUVs tends to be among the safest vehicles that you can drive at the moment, but you need to have good and safe tyres so that the whole vehicle will be safe. An SUV with bad tyres is all of the sudden not as safe, so the SUV is dependent on that you select premium winter tyres of high quality that will provide the necessary safety to keep the SUV out of accidents. Tyres that can provide you with good grip in winter conditions and to provide you with a short braking distance. You can have the option of SUV studded or non-studded tyres, where the SUV studded tyres will provide you with better grip on ice, while they both will be good on snowy winter conditions. The key for a safe driving experience is to purchase high-quality SUV tyres.

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