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About Paintless Dent Repair

If there is a storm in your area, you already understand what a paint-free repair is and why insurance companies prefer this process to a regular repair. Major insurance companies have trained specialists to repair dents without painting and use specialized software to analyze damage and repair. They even have dozens of non-paint dent repair companies that monitor insurance companies across the country to perform this service.

To better understand the procedure for repairing dents without painting, some of us should first clear up some of the misunderstandings associated with this service:

The first misunderstanding is that it’s all about the specialized handheld equipment you buy. The point is that making a profit requires not only the right equipment, but also knowledge of the right methods, patience, and a lot of practice.

While hardware is a vital part of the system, many PDR bodybuilders don’t have the patience and / or the finesse to master paint-free dent repair techniques, and the team can’t make up for it. But for those with patience and subtlety, the team goes hand in hand.

A dedicated, handcrafted, paintless dent repair kit is an evolutionary product of the techniques our industry used many years ago. Many young PDR professionals may not even know about this old mechanism unless they ask someone what it is, because today most of them are misused as levers or drift bits.

Handling dents is not comfortable enough to push or handle damage in the opposite direction. The mounting strategy will include fluorescent lighting and even a reflective panel. It is simply applied by PDR Training to see the dark areas caused by deformation of the dent. Without these special tools, damage is likely to not be properly detected by trained professionals and therefore likely to be lacking in the ability to accurately heal the dent. On the other hand, the calculation is also important for pressing certain places on the metal. The PDR reader will be able to calculate these types of ratios.

It takes time and skill to fix dents with precision and accuracy. In fact, in the early stages it is associated with trial and error; this method allows you to gain knowledge about repairs not so difficult and not much easier.

In case of accidents with dents (accidents and common causes), do not try to stop or even repair the site without proper preparation, as much more experience can lead to additional damage. Get in touch with a specialist or professional, because citizens are available all over the world.

So what makes these teams so specialized?

Paintless Dent Repair Tool Kits have a specific application built in. They are unique in shape, thickness, and length, and dent repair kits are usually color coded so that a PDR technician can identify the right tool for the application. In addition to starter kits for normal use, there are special plastic tip kits that allow you to apply extra force (more surface area) while reducing the risk of paint breakage and “tool marks”. This plastic tip kit also prevents scratches on the E-Coat on the back of the panel. And this team is just the beginning. There are special kits available that do what is impossible in most cases. But all quality dent paint kits are made from high strength hardened steel with special handles for ease of use.