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Servicing Done at Auto Body Shops

A car can get damaged at several levels. Few damages can stay limited to its physical level, while others can reach out damaging the internal systems as well. Here we would talk about all those damages that are at physical level, and can be addressed by auto body shops or at a collision center.

Paintless Dent Repair

If your car surface is defaced by an ugly dent, even though it is small, the auto body shops will suggest you to go for a paintless dent repair. This is the most economical repair work of all that also takes very less time since there will not be any painting process to be involved in the whole process. However, if you think you can do this paintless dent repair at home, you are walking on the wrong foot. However brief the work might seem, it actually requires lot of precision and training. So, only  trained mechanics of an authorized auto body shop can only handle this kind of auto body repair.

Conventional Paint Job

There can be several reasons why you want your car to be painted all new. It could be a faded old paint that is hiding the real beauty of your car or could be that the painting is peeling off from several points exposing the inside metal. Or it could post an awful accident that involved many repair jobs after which a paint job became necessary. Every auto body shop, however big or small will offer this conventional paint job for your car, since it is involved in both as a part of routine repair work, and individual service as well.

Repairs of Windows and Windshields

If any of the glass items of your car isn’t in right condition, even though it is not a part of its running mechanisms, you will not be able to drive your car. sometimes it could be the windshield that has cracked up, chipped off or has broken down completely. In any of these cases, you’ll need the help of professional hands or an auto body shop to replace it.

If it is the car window which is not rolling up and down properly, you again would have to call for help from an auto body shop. These issues can be fixed only by professionally trained people since it involves the usage of many high end tools and machinery.

Frame Testing and Straightening

We got to know from the labors of a famous auto body shop at our neighborhood, that after a serious accident or collision, if a car body frame gets severely damaged, there are ways to get back its original shape. It is called frame straightening. This procedure uses hydraulic powered machines to bring back the frame to its original condition.

But they also put a little disclaimer that not all body damages can be addressed with frame straightening, or that, frame straightening can’t be done to all stage of car body damages. For this an auto body shop will first conduct a test, to know if the car condition is congenial for frame straightening. It is purely dependent on this test results that an auto body shop can tell you if your car needs this service.