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5 Signs That Show Your Car Needs A Service

Having a personal vehicle is essential these days to commute smoothly. But sometimes, your car can malfunction when you need it the most. Hence, it is essential to check for these signs to prevent unwelcome breakdowns happening at the last minute. 

  1. Warning Lights 

The warning lights next to the fuel gauge are a clear indicator of any signs of repair or malfunctions in the engine. Engine warning indicators must be taken seriously. You should promptly bring your car to a mechanic as there can be a variety of problems that it might be facing.

  1. Break Jamming or Sensitivity

Breaks play an extremely crucial role when it comes to driving and thus, must be maintained well. If your brakes do not provide the perfect response on application, it is time to get it checked by your mechanic. Signs of brake malfunctioning include feeling resistance or irregular sensitivity while applying the brakes. 

  1. Unusual Vibrations or Noises 

Strange vibrations that are not the ones you are used to while driving your car could mean either something as ordinary as a loose piece of plastic or something as serious as worn tires or a bearing come undone. New noises and squeaks indicate the wear of the tires or brakes. It is best to get such vibrations and noises fixed by a professional as soon as possible. 

  1. Smoke from Under the Bonnet

Smoke or steam being emitted from under the bonnet usually indicates overheating problems. When something like that happens, it is best to pull over and wait for the engine to cool down. While white smoke indicates a heated radiator, blue smoke is caused by burning oil and should be fixed immediately. It can mean that there is an oil leak in the engine. 

  1. Stalls and Ignition Problems

Unexpected stalling and stopping of the engine can occur due to failures in the engine if you are sure that you have been driving properly. The causes of such stalling can be due to faulty spark plugs, which is why it is essential to get to a mechanic as quickly as possible. Ignition problems can mean battery replacement and need special attention.

If you notice any of these signs in your car, it is time to book a professional car mechanic’s service. If you live in Toronto, Toronto Mobile Mechanic is a team of expert mobile mechanics who are willing to come over to your home or office to fix your vehicle.