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Why Immediate Repair is Necessary for a Noisy Car Engine

When you start the engine of your car, and you hear an unusually louder sound, know that it needs an immediate repair work. Though a noisy engine might not always a sign of a serious issue and can be addressed by trying out a few DIY techniques, but if it doesn’t respond to all this, then you won’t have any choice left, other than taking the help of professionals.

At the Dowagiac auto repair center, we were assured that sometimes, the reasons behind a noisy engine can be anything as simple as a dirty spark plug or a loose gas cap, but at times it could be as serious an issue likea damaged catalytic converter or a faulty muffler.

But from the owner’s point of view, a noisy engine is always a matter of concern, that can’t be postponed.

Why Louder Engine Must Never be Ignored

Most of the engine parts that are automatically linked to other departments of the car like the exhaust system etc., can cause the engine to make weird noises, if there is something wrong with them. It is also highly risky to drive a vehicle whose engine is making louder a noise than usual. When the engine makes such noises, at the first place, you can’t guess what might be wrong. So, it makes sense to pay attention to the noise and take immediate actions like popping up the hood, checking the Spark plug, the electrical wires, the gas cap as soon as you hear the noise.

If things don’t get better, after you’ve tightened up the gas cap, changed the Spark plug, checked out the electrical wiring and the like, know that the issue is either with the catalytic convertor, or the exhaust system.

Potential Dangers

If all the above mentioned things didn’t take place, then watch if you smell fumes inside the car as soon as you enter the cabin. If things are wrong at the end of the exhaust system, you will see fumes making its way inside the vehicle cabin, which will in no time contaminate the inside environment and you’ll start feeling suffocated.

In case of a clogged catalytic converter, it will make the engine nonfunctional since it will fail to convert the fuel energy to the horsepower your car needs. Hence, the repair will be more extensive and expensive.

Probable Reasons Behind the Noise

Apart from the above mentioned reasons, there can be many more situations that can make the car engine make weird noises. We have listed the major and most common ones right here that we gathered from the mechanics who run a popular center for auto repair near Dowagiac. They said, sometimes it can be a Damaged Muffler, which is unable to hush up the engine noise, or it could be that the Tail Pipe has Broken Down. They suggest to take a look at the worn out seals and gaskets as well to the car users if they find their car engine is making louder noise than usual.