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Racing Through Charlotte: Take Your Shelby GT350 To Greater Heights With A Whipple Supercharger

The Charlotte Motor Speedway is the perfect getaway for amateur racing enthusiasts. And what better way to cruise through the course than in a Shelby GT350?

But what if someone told you there was a way to kick things up a notch? Curious? Well, a Whipple Supercharger can get the trick done here. Besides enhancing your mustang’s performance, these modifications will blow away any competition you may have on the track.

Now, plenty of reliable vendors can install a Whipple Shelby GT350 Supercharger in Charlotte, NC. The choice in this matter is entirely yours. What is of consequence, though, is what this add-on can do for your vehicle.

So, let’s walk you through it:

Innovative twin-screw system

The 5th generation Whipple Supercharger is based on a twin-screw design to eliminate the most common roots and centrifugal issues in other variants.

In addition to the enhanced performance, the twin-screw system ensures that your car maintains its power in higher pressure ratios and RPMs. More importantly, this doesn’t come at the cost of an ungodly engine noise level. The result? A smoother and quieter acceleration.

The integrated intercoolers also help the engine temperatures remain consistent across the board. The system has a significantly larger surface area with a massive plate intercooler and bar that keeps things as stable as possible.

Seamless performance enhancement

The stock GT350 is powerful enough on its own. However, purchasing a Whipple Shelby GT350 Supercharger in Charlotte, NC, and integrating it into your vehicle can take things to an entirely new level.

Boasting a 93-octane tune and 10 pounds of boost, the system can deliver 660 lb/ft of torque and 875 horsepower. That’s almost a 65% jump in power!

This doesn’t mean that you feel any jarring effects, however. The simplified bolt-on installation will ensure an instant start when you put your foot on the throttle. And for the perfectionists out there, this also means that the engine bay looks as clean as possible.

What are some points to note before getting the Whipple kit installed?

Since the kit is a competition variant, these modifications do not come with a fuel system or flash device upgrades. In addition, you’ll need to fill in an order form that includes your vehicle PIN for the tuning process.

It’s also crucial to remember that superchargers are only permitted in vehicles that participate in sanctioned races. In other words, taking your modified ride for a spin on public roads or highways is illegal unless there are specific government exemptions.

In addition, always ensure that you opt for installation from a verified service provider specializing in OEM parts.

A simple tip to cross-check this is to ask about any supporting upgrades the Whipple Supercharger may need. If the vendor mentions that additional modifications are needed, search for another agency immediately. The system doesn’t require any extra add-ons.

Caution and safety before all else

While speed may be the thing you are looking for, you must always ensure safety above all else. Granted, racing tracks can be high-pressure environments and necessitate quick decision-making. However, that shouldn’t deter you from being cautious in all that you do.

With that said, feel free to boast about how your Whipple-installed Shelby differs from the others. After all, there’s nothing anybody can do to prove that statement wrong.