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How To Use Paint Thinner In A Proper Way?

Paint thinner is commonly used to remove oil-based paints from brushes, rollers, containers, and other things.

The main thought behind using paint thinners is to dilute the oil-based paint for several intended purposes such as cleaning, in sprayer applicators and loosening the consistency of the dry paint, etc.

It doesn’t matter what the purpose of usage is, but it is always necessary to know that how to use a thing properly for its effective results.

So, in this article, the information on how to use paint thinner properly will be provided.

Do You Know Much About Oil-Based Paints And Thinners?

Oil-based paints are better than latex paints from several perspectives. It is as they give a good and fine look with better adhesion, durability, and resistance. Along with primers, it is excellent for blocking stains.

They provide a good gloss, better leveling, surface penetration, and a smoother dry finish in contrast to latex-based paints.

The only concerning point of oil-based paints is that they dry slower and release huge amounts of volatile compounds, which are actually harmful to the people around in case of high concentrations and long exposure time.

As these paints are thicker and greasy than latex-based paints so require special treatment of paint thinners for their removal from tools like brushes and other surfaces.

These paint thinners are solvents consisting of several and different ingredients used to reduce the viscosity of the paint. The paint thinners are used in several conditions.

It aids in cleaning of paint splatters or spills which have been dried up, in cleaning painting tools, and while using a sprayer applicator, however, not necessarily required or should be used with lacquers, latex paints, and shellac.

There are many other chemicals that can be used to clean paint such as;

  •       Acetone
  •       Turpentine
  •       Naptha
  •       Xylene
  •       MEK (methyl ethyl ketone)
  •       Alcohol

But all require some safety consideration before usage as they can harm you in any way. 

Safety Considerations  

  1. Wear proper safety clothes that include gloves, safety glasses, and respirators. It is because these solvents are volatile and can harm your lungs, skin, eyes, and other tissues if get into your mouth, skin, or respiratory system.

The resulting conditions can be nausea, headache, irritability, drowsiness, and unconsciousness, etc.

  1. While working indoors, keep the open or window open for fresh air circulation. An operating exhaust fan can also help in removing out the fumes.
  2. Keep the solvents or thinners away from flames as they are highly flammable and can cause explosions. Nothing containing heat or which can cause a spark should approach these solvents.   

How To Thin Paint?

  1. Select A Suitable Thinner: The selection of a suitable thinner is very important. So, buy a thinner which is suitable for your respective paint and method of application.

This can be made understandable through this example that thinners for latex paint can’t be used for oil-based paints and if the application method is spraying then the thinner mixture of paint will be used.    

  1. Mix The Right Ratio In Paint: start with small amounts. Don’t forget to check the manufacturer’s recommendations on the label of the paint for the best ratio.

Generally, a 3:1 or 4:1 paint to thinner ratio is used. It is best to keep the ratio of paint higher so that the paint doesn’t get too thin or cause the color of the paint to fade.  

  1. Text The Mixture: Testing the mixture is important. For that, apply two coats of thinned paint mixture on the desired surface and evaluate the results by standing away.

The only thing to make sure of is that the paint covers the surface thoroughly.

Final Words

To put it in the nutshell, paint thinner is a very useful thing because it is used for several purposes. But these solvents are harmful chemicals if not handled properly so require the proper safety of the painter.

Moreover, the proper use and application of paint thinner are necessary for complete results.