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Proshield Car Protection Film: A Worthwhile Investment for your Car


Whenever you take your vehicle out on the road, you risk damaging them.  Although you try to be as careful when driving your car as possible, random paint damage can take place for some reasons. When you drive down a loose gravel road, some debris may flow out of nowhere, scratching your fresh coat of paint. This makes it important to protect your paint job with a paint protection film. 

Proshield car protection film is one of the best investments you can make to protect your car’s exteriors. It works not only for random damage but also for water spots, the sun, and more. The film extends across the car including its roof, fenders, mirrors, rear bumper, and other surfaces. 

Common Car Paint Protection Films Available

  • Sprayable film. This type of paint protection film can be applied to a vehicle by spraying onto desired areas. It tends to dry into a clear film after application. It can protect your car from small to big scratches and sun damage. It offers a clean finish and can last up to one year.
  • Paint protection film sheets. These sheets are preferred by professional installers as they last longer than sprayable films and are highly durable. They come in standard clear bra kit and custom clear bra. The standard kit provides your car with 85% protection and the coverage extends to the edges of the panels. The second option protects 99% of your car. Because the films are specially molded for your car, they also have fewer visible lines and seams, creating a sleek look. 

Preparing your Car for Paint Protection Film Installation 

Make sure your car is clean before the film installation. After the car wash, use some towels to dry your vehicle before handing it to the film installer. Although it can be tempting to install the film at home, it is best to take your car to a reputable installer. A trusted professional will ensure the film fits your car perfectly and does not leave any vulnerable areas. Proshield not only offers protection film but also provide your ways to spruce up the look of your car. 

Typically, the paint protection film is applied to new vehicles. But, if you want to apply it after owning your car for a while, consider getting your vehicle detailed. As rust and scratches will show through the coating, any blemishes must be taken care of beforehand to get the best results.