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2022 Model Year Lineup of Honda Cars

Honda is a brand name in the circles of automobile that doesn’t need an introduction even in the remotest of places. Honda models have always seen ahead of the crowd, irrespective of the vehicle body style you select. So, when the 2022 model year cycle is round the corner, we expect a lot of curious minds searching for the models that the automaker is planning to queue up for a fresh release.

Taking a break from the crossover SUV segment, we sedan lovers took interest in knowing what plans Honda has for its compact sedans, and what are we going to gain, if we decide to go through its upcoming sedan lineup. So we visited our most favorite floor of the Eastport Honda dealer and there we found the following models to leave a strong impact on the bigger market of family vehicles.

2022 Honda Accord

Accord is an old name in the lineup of Honda for years together. But when Honda is all prepared to release the 2022 model year edition of its Accord series, we all are curious to know what changes it might bring to its followers. Sources say that the 2022 Honda Accord will probably carry over the same things like the two excellent engine options and the same trim levels. Changes might be seen in the standard list of features where every trim will now get the glamor of alloy wheels, inside the infotainment system will work with Android Auto and Apple CarPlay while the Honda Sensing safety tech suite might swell up with some trendy features proving the advancements of technology.

2022 Honda Civic

The 2022 model year version of the Honda Civic will bring all of us a delightful series of sedans that will no doubt make a strong impact on the minds of the onlookers and we are sure that most of them will get converted into eager buyers. According to the authentic sources, the 2022 Honda Civic will continue to remain as a go-to economy segment, and that is how it justifies its moderate performance scores but high-economy powertrain combinations.

As declared the 2022 Honda Civic will come in the trims named as Civic LX, Sport, EX, or Civic Touring. But this year it will gain a Si trim as well as a high-performance Type R trim version to be included very soon. But it might dishearten some Honda lovers that no coupe model will return this year, but maybe later. To compete in the segment of compact cars that offer both sedan and hatchback models, the 2022 Honda Civic series needs to fight against models like Mazda 3, Toyota Corolla, and Subaru Impreza.

Alternative Fuel Sedans

The year 2022 has made Honda a stronger contender for the green car makers, since it has dressed up the series of 2022 Honda Insight and 2022 Honda Clarity with highly powerful hybrid powertrains that can return a stunning mileage over 50 mpg from a combined trip, and there cannot be a better news for Honda lovers, who also wanted to save their atmosphere, expressed a proud staff member of the Honda dealer serving Eastport.