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How to obtain a bike license in Dubai?

Getting on a motorcycle can be a dream come true – the thrill of the ride, the joy of connecting with your environment, and not sitting in traffic jams. There is no requirement to get an official motorcycle license to ride a motorcycle in the UAE. However, it is recommended that you get one to have the proper knowledge to keep yourself safe.

Dubai requires that you apply for a motorcycle license, even if you already have a valid bike license in Dubai. As a member of the Emirates Roads and Transport Authority (RTA), you must have the correct motorcycle license for riding a bike in the emirate. In addition, all motorbike riders must follow the same rules as drivers.

It is possible for students who have held their country’s motorcycle license for more than two years to register for 8 hours, however, they need to present an affidavit that they have a valid motorcycle license. RTA offices throughout the 41 countries on the list are open to individuals from any of those countries who wish to transfer their licenses directly. A driver who splits lanes of traffic or rides on the hard shoulder creates a risk for other road users in the UAE. These laws also apply to motorcycles, as these behaviors pose a risk to other road users.

What are the requirements to get a bike license in Dubai?

A Dubai motorcycle license is only available to those at least 17 years of age, according to the RTA’s manual for motorcyclists. Bikers need to adhere to all the rules relevant to drivers within the country.

The city still requires that you have a separate bike license even if you’ve been driving on a Dubai license for 15 hours or more. You’ll need to run a 14-hour test if you don’t have a Dubai license.

An affidavit from your consulate that confirms your possession of a valid motorcycle license, if you’ve had your country’s motorcycle license for more than two years, will facilitate your registration for 8 hours. The RTA lists 41 countries where expats can transfer their motorcycle licenses if they are from one of these countries.

What documents do you need?

Although the requirements for applying for a motorcycle driving license in Dubai vary among driving schools, you typically need the following documents:

Copy of Dubai residency visa with passport and original UAE ID (original and copy) Sponsor’s NOC (preferably signed and stamped) Eye test Copy of passport with valid Dubai residency visa, Two photographs (passport size)

A copy of the motorcycle license you already have from your country must be submitted as well.

Steps for application:

  • If you have collected all the documents, you can then register and open a file at the driving school of your choice.
  • Following your theory classes, you will need to pass a practical test, then attend practical lessons and finally pass the school’s assessment. The theoretical section of the course takes approximately 8 hours.
  • Practical and theoretical lessons cover essentials such as how to balance your motorbike, how to drive with a load, how to manage risks, how to read traffic signs, how to follow road rules, and how to drive in lanes.
  • After passing the road test, you will need to take the RTA tests. These tests are held both at designated yards and on the road, so you can obtain a motorcycle license in Dubai when you pass.
  • A bike license in Dubai Can be obtained in two to four months from a driving school in Dubai, assuming you take two lessons every weekend and pass all your tests on your first attempt. If you fail these tests five times, you will have to complete more classes to regain your eligibility.