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Why Used 2020 BMW X2 Series Models are Making Good Sales

Luxury SUVs are the new vehicle type that is setting an example of how utility can be turned into luxury. In this segment, a handful of car makers are seen dominating the market, in which BMW is in the first row of popularity. The market trend is also showing a new phenomenon where people are trading in their newly bought cars before they step out of warranty period to avoid high depreciation of value.

In this scenario, the dealerships are witnessing a surge in the sales of used cars especially that are expensive. The reason is not difficult to understand. It becomes much more affordable to buy a mildly used car that is of higher value, rather than a new one of the same models. So, a car like the  2020 BMW X2 will surely fetch good sales record, since the model will be looking as good as new but is being sold at the price of a used one, reported a dealership staff who sells certified pre-owned cars.

Luxuries and Refinements

The 2020 BMW X2 as a luxury SUV model not only cuts out a sleek profile outside but creates a dreamy atmosphere inside. The materials used to wrap the frames are of high-end quality. Space offered to every individual is more than expected. The seats are wide and supportive, while being quilted with soft leather hides. Al this do not allow travel fatigue to set in, while the solid infotainment system takes good care of the driver as well as the passengers through every kind of relevant information and pieces of entertainment.

Drive Fun

Driving a 2020 BMW X2 model is a pleasure in itself. Here being a used one rather adds to its qualification instead of reducing it. This is so because you are bereft of the cerebral pressure of those damages that can cause to the car when you take some bold driving decisions.

The 2020 X2 model series will provide a level of drive pleasure which one can expect only from the house of BMW. When you go for buying a used 2020 BMW X2 model, you must be offered a base model with 2.0-liter turbo-4 engine that comes in two drivetrain flavors.  It can either be a front-wheel-drive trim named as sDrive28i or can be the xDrive28i trim that drives with all four wheels.

This powertrain combination can give you the pleasure to drive a 228-horsepower at your disposal. But we would suggest you choose the M35i model that is powered by an optional turbo-4 version of the same engine that moves with a 302-hp working under its hood.

The dealership showroom from where you can get used BMW for sale will eventually let you know, that there is no variety in the gearbox options. It will always be only an 8-speed automatic transmission to pair all the engine options offered with the 2020 BMW X2 models. This is a smooth shifting transmission that makes the 2020 BMW X2 models roll in a buttery smooth way, especially if the model is equipped with the optional adaptive dampers.