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Ways To Improve The Performance Of Your Tires During The Summer


Driving during the summer and beautiful summer days should be pleasant. You have some of the best driving conditions when the sun is shining, and you have good visibility. Having the correct tires on your car will enhance the experience, and you need a set of all-season tires are designed to handle both wet and dry summer conditions. The ways to improve the performance are to buy the right premium tires made for summer conditions and fulfill the requirements you have on the tires. Key performance indicators for tires are how good they have on dry and wet roads, the so-called dry and wet grip. Their ability to prevent hydroplaning so that you are safe when driving on very wet roads. The rolling resistance that impacts both fuel consumption and tire wear. For driving comfort, the tire noise might be important.

For an electric vehicle, you want to make sure that the tires have low rolling resistance so that you can get further with every charge and that the tires will last longer. You also want to have tires with very low tire noise since you don’t have any motor noise to cancel out high tire noise.

Buyers can use the information for these indicators to easily compare the tires. It is worth highlighting that these might not be the most critical factors for you, as it all depends on what you want from your tires. If you are looking for premium tires with a high-speed rating, you will have to start looking for tires that fulfill this to make your final decision. It makes it much easier for most buyers to make a decision on all the necessary information and eliminate what isn’t important for you and highlight what is.

The information collected from different sources, including tire tests, will give a good overview of all tires. Fuel consumption is based on the rolling resistance of the tires. Low rolling resistance will lead to lower fuel consumption and lower CO2 emissions. Safety, measured as to how fast you can stop the car on a wet surface. This is the wet grip of the tire. A shorter braking distance will help to keep you out of accidents. Then the rolling noise of the tires, where a high noise level will negatively impact the driving comfort. A low tire noise level will be good for your driving comfort.

Other items that will impact the performance of the tires are the tread depth, where the shallow tread will negatively impact the performance. You should buy new tires when the tread depth is below 5/32 inches, so this should be monitored regularly to ensure that you don’t go below 5/32 inches. Tire pressure will also impact the performance of the tires. Low tire pressure can make the car slide in corners; they will also consume more fuel as the rolling resistance increases.

With good tread depth and correct tire pressure, the right tires will improve performance during the summer. If you plan to drive in winter conditions after the summer you need to change to winter tires.

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