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Useful Tips To Make Your Car Brakes Last Longer 

It does not matter if you are a car enthusiast or not, it is very important to keep your vehicle’s maintenance up to date. Car’s brakes are very crucial to its effectiveness and efficiency. Most importantly, the safety of both the driver and passengers depends on the quality of brakes. Poorly maintained brakes can affect the longevity and performance of a vehicle, as well as contribute to road accidents. 

There are a number of ways you can extend the life of your brakes, which includes some changes in your driving style along with proper maintenance. 

Checking Rotors and Brake Pads 

Point of contact between your tyres and braking system, brake pads and rotors require regular maintenance. Due to friction between the brake pads and tyres, heat is generated which can wear down the brake pad. It is important to take your car to a proper workshop and get the brake pads inspected for quality and depth that ensures sufficient resistance. If you notice a burning odor or need to depress the brake pedal further, then it is time to replace the brake pads. 

Flushing the Brake Fluid 

Braking system is quite complex. When you depress the pedal, a pressure builds that transfers brake fluid from the master cylinder, passing through the brake lines, and into the calipers. From there the pressure is transferred to the brake pads and rotors. Brake fluid tends to absorb moisture and it is overall damaging for the braking system. It is important to change your brake fluid after every 25,000 miles. For UAE, Dubai drivers, it is recommended to have your vehicle’s brakes checked regularly due to the rigors of stop-go motoring in heavy traffic. In fact, Michelin tyres dealers in Dubai advise for a car tune-up and brake check-up after every 15,000 miles. Juddering or noise when pulling your car to one side as well as simple wear and tear can indicate an excessive wear to your brake pads. Do not ignore the signs and call your local Dubai Tyre Shop for professional services. 

Bleeding the Brake Lines 

An equally important exercise, it is recommended to bleed the brake lines to remove excess air that is trapped in the brake line. This can also affect the efficiency of your braking system and taking care of it timely can enhance longevity and performance. 

Upgrading or Replacing Brake Parts

At times it becomes necessary to either upgrade or replace your brake parts. Most drivers use this as an opportunity to upgrade to high performance components. Ceramic pads and slotted disc brakes are popular upgradation choice and are also easily available in the auto and tyre shops in UAE. 

Change Your Driving Style 

Besides maintaining your car’s brakes, it is also important to develop responsible driving habits. High speed is one of the biggest enemies of brakes – the higher the speed the more energy it will take for the braking system to stop the car. Leading tyre manufacturers like Michelin recommend “coasting” – a technique where the driver takes the foot off the pedal, slowing the car naturally before applying the brakes. Widen the gap between your vehicle and the one in front of you to avoid sudden brakes. This habit is beneficial for the tyres as well, as sudden stops can cause friction and result in wear and tear. Avoid overloading your car as it can take its toll on the brakes, tyres, engine, fuel tank, and eventually your wallet. If you notice any change in your brake or tires’ performance, book an appointment with a professional immediately. Service centers like Dubai Tyre Shop provide top-class facilities. Offering the most competitive UAE tyre price on all the brands, you can get expert opinion and premium services. Drive smart, safe, and defensively to extend the life of your brakes.