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  Summer tyre options for an SUV  

SUV Summer Tyres

Summer tyres can be used all year-round in areas where you don’t have any winter weather. The summer tyres are not approved for winter use and can only cope with warm temperatures. They are only designed for three seasons, those being spring to autumn. Many areas in especially Southern Europe, can manage with only using summer tyres for the whole year. You have a wide variety of SUV summer tyres available in different dimensions and different types of use. If you plan to drive off-road, you should select special tyres. Also, if you have an electric SUV or hybrid, you need to select tyres that are recommended for it.

Summer tyres like the Nokian Rotiiva have different tyres based on where you plan to drive. You have Nokian Rotiiva HT that are specially designed for heavy vehicles on both asphalt and gravel. Then you have the Nokian Rotiiva AT, which are all-terrain that works just as well on asphalt as light terrain. Then you have the Nokian Rotiiva AT Plus, which is extra durable for extra heavy use. They ensure long lifetime use for lower overall cost and low downtime.

Good SUV tyres will focus on ultimate performance, safety and handling. Cutting edge technologies like “Aramid Sidewall technology “assures protection against punctures as the strong aramid fibreshelp to strengthen the sidewall rubber to withstand external impacts. This helps withstand punctures from driving through situations like potholes, crushed stones or other debris. The aramid fibres are the same that is used in bulletproof vests.

The SUV summer tyres are a good choice if you experience mainly three seasons where you live. This allows the use of one tyre throughout the year without the need fora changeover. Suppose you do experience winters in your area. In that case, there is always the choice of using all-season tyres, which,indifferent to summer tyres, have the “three-peak mountain snowflake “symbol signifying that it has been rated for use in severe winter conditions. The all-season tyres are somewhat of a hybrid between a summer tyre and a winter tyre.

For areas with severe winters, it is recommended to use either an all-season tyre or dedicated winter tyres during the winter season. This is because the dedicated winter tyres and the all-season tyres are marked with the “Three- peak mountain snowflake symbol” that signifies that these tyres meet required performance criteria in snow testing and are thereby considered severe snow service rated.

The decision between SUV all-seasontyresand SUV summertyres depends on whether the area where you live experiences winter weather or not. Suppose the preference is to keep one set of tyresyear-round. In that case,the choice is between summer tyres or all-season tyres; the decision should depend on what kind of winter conditions you experiencewhere you live. It is important to know that in severe winter conditions, nothing outperforms dedicated winter tyres, where nothing beats studded tyres on icy roads, but they are not allowed to be used in every country.


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