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Optimal Tire Selection Will Improve The Car’s Performance

all-season tires

Many people don’t know that they can improve the performance of their car by selecting the correct tires. Tires are an integral part of the vehicle and the only part in contact with the road surface. If your tires  aren’t good, the grip and control won’t be optimal, and you might lose control over the vehicle while cornering. Hydroplaning will also be more prevalent if the tires are in bad condition, as you will need good tread depth to prevent hydroplaning during heavy rain. When you purchase a new set of tires, you want to buy premium tires with low rolling resistance, which lowers wear and fuel consumption. 

Good all-season tires are key for preventing hydroplaning; the tires should also have implemented the latest innovations to improve their ability to remove and store water from the road surface. Hydroplaning belongs to one of the main reasons for accidents to happen during the warm seasons. Having good tires to help prevent it from happening will be beneficial and add to your driving safety. In addition to the excellent ability to prevent hydroplaning, you also want to have an excellent wet grip to ensure a short braking distance on wet roads. 

When you plan to drive in other seasons that include winter weather, you will need to have approved tires for these conditions. You should have all-season tires during the summer and winter tires during the winter, or all-weather tires approved for winter use and have a severe service emblem. If you don’t face any winter conditions during the year, you can manage with all-season tires for the whole year-round, but you will need to make sure that you rotate the tires to ensure even wear between the rear and the front tires. The vehicle will beunstable if you mix tires with a big difference in tread depth, so you want to even out the tread depth by rotating the tires.

If you have a sports car, you must match it with high-performance tires designed for high speeds. The same is valid if you have an electric car or a hybrid, as both these will need tires that can handle the higher loads caused bythe heavy battery packs to ensure a good driving range. In the same way, you will need special tires if you have an SUV or light truck or drive in extreme conditions. 

To achieve optimal performance, you also need to make sure that you have the correct pressure in your tires. If you have the wrong tire pressure, you will not get the best performance from your tires and thus not the best performance from your vehicle. If your tires have low tire pressure, then your tires will wear out faster. Low tire pressure will also cause your vehicle to consume more fuel. Both these can lead to extra costs and not have the intended grip and performance when cornering, as you would expect. 

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