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Open Trailer Transport as A Cost Effective and Reliable Option for Your Vehicle

Transporting a vehicle through the United States by an open carrier auto transporters is one of the most well-known, cheap, and popular options available. By using an open auto shipping alternative, your vehicle will be transported on an open carrier, which is mostly visible on highways, delivering to/ from auctions, dealerships and homes across the country.

Is Open trailer transport safe?

The answer to that question is yes. Open trailer transport is quite a safe option although everyone believes the myth that you must transport your vehicles and classic cars in an enclosed trailer, but it’s time to unfold those myths now. 

Open trailers are just as safe as the enclosed ones, but the latter option just puts those peoples’ minds at ease that are extremely careful with their beloved cars. 

Open trailers are easier to come by and help you keep as much money in your pocket as possible whereas enclosed trailers open up your wallet much more. If you are using a professional service, you can rest assured that your car will make it to the desired destination on time and safely. 

With Ship a Car, Inc, not only are you taking advantage of their cheap car shipping facility, but all you are guaranteed an experience that is as stress-free as possible.

Cheap Way to Ship Car | Open Auto Transport Services

This option is cost-effective and reliable 

Open trailer transport companies work with a huge network of open trailer carriers which are all double and triple vetted for their customer’s added protection. These carriers are driven by highly professional, qualified, and fully insured drivers that will transport your vehicle from one coast of the country to the other without any hassle.

Most of these companies have transport coordinators that utilize a wide network of countrywide open carriers to move any and every kind of vehicle cross country.

Save tons of money on your auto transport

Are you afraid that having your car transported will cost you a fortune? That is another myth that needs to be broken. Open trailers are much more cost-effective than enclosed trailers. 

When the demand is high, naturally costs are higher, but they are still much lesser compared to their alternatives. If you choose this option quality is guaranteed to you at the best price. 

These companies have experienced transport coordinators that can assist you by suggesting which type of trailer is best for you, open or closed. From classic cars to trucks you can get any hauler you need. There is no need for you to spend money on food, hotels, gas, or on the flat tire while driving, let the transport company schedule everything for you. This way you can be sure that your vehicle is in safe hands and will get transported in top condition. 


Do not forget that phone call and booking costs you nothing upfront. These transport companies work for free until they find you the very best open auto carrier to deliver your vehicle on your doorstep at the best price. So, pick your phone and meet all your transport needs now.