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Make Sure To Do A Proper Tyre Change On Your Car Before The Winter

Summer Tyres

Before the winter starts, it is good to check that your car is in good condition. When the winter arrives, you will need to already have winter tyres on the vehicle so that you can drive safely. Your winter tyres also need to be in good condition. If you plan to change the tyres yourself, you will need to make sure that the winter tyres have enough tread depth remaining; it should be over 4 mm to ensure that they have good safety properties. If you are below, then you should already get a new set before mounting the tyres. 

The same goes for the summer tyres that you take off. It is worth checking their condition as well, as you might as well purchase new summer tyres and store them on the rims. It doesn´t really make sense to store worn-out summer tyres during the whole winter season. 

You also need to make sure that you rotate the tyres based on which position they were mounted on the previous season. If a tyre was on the left rear last winter, then you should place it on the rear front position. This will level out any differences in wear between the seasons. You should also make sure that you check the tyre pressure before you start driving, and preferably you should check that the tyres are balanced so that they rotate without any side forces. Remember that the change in temperature also changes the tyre pressure.

When you instead go for tyre service at a tyre service station and let them do the tyre change for you, you will know that professionals will handle your tyres. They will check your tyres that they take off, clean them, and even store them in their tyre hotel. They will make sure that each tyre is balanced before they are mounted and that the tyre pressure is correct before you drive off. They will also let you know if there is something wrong with your tyres, and they know that the tyres need to be rotated, so they will mark the tyres that they remove and will mount the new ones according to the marking from the last season. 

The advantage of them using the right equipment is that you know that the tyres have been fastened tightly and will not fall off. Their professional equipment will also not damage the bolts, and they will change the tyre valves to make sure that you don’t have leaking valves so that you can maintain the correct tyre pressure. Proper tyres for the winter season is key for ensuring safe driving. When you leave a tyres service station, you also know that you have sufficient air pressure in the tyres and that the tyres are rotated and have sufficient tread depth. The experts will also have checked so that the tyres are free from damages and safe to drive with.

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