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Lifting Platform For Disabled People – Everything You Need To Know

Individuals can now equip their homes with lifting platforms specially created to accommodate a wheelchair and make it cross floors and obstacles. This type of disabled stairlift comes in different models, depending on your needs and the configuration of your home. The platform can both help you climb small heights and give you access to the top floor of your house, all in safety and comfort. Search for wheelchar minivans

Types Of PMR Lifting Platforms

There are two main types of lifting platforms for people with reduced mobility (PRM) moving in a wheelchair and wishing to have access to their entire home while preserving their autonomy:

The stair-climbing platform is also called a chair platform: this lift works on the same principle as the stair-climbing chair.

Indeed, it is about a platform fixed on rails which follow the steps of the staircase, that this one is straight, turning, provided with landings.

These dimensions are sufficient to accommodate the wheelchair and the person in it. It moves by manual control. A ramp folds and unfolds at the start and finish, depending on whether you need to get on or off the platform.

Most of them fold up against the wall when stationary.

The lifting or vertical lifting platform: this type of lift works the same way as a mini-lift.

The platform raises and falls vertically between the different levels.

It can be ordered and used as a stairlift platform.

In both cases, the installation of a PRM lift does not require significant work unless a pit is provided.

This mobility aid equipment also meets all the essential safety standards and is equipped with:

  • Emergency stop button
  • Closing barrier
  • Emergency braking
  • Obstacle detector

Thanks to these platforms, you maintain the accessibility of all the spaces in your home, whether they are separated by a few centimeters or several meters.

Choosing A Wheelchair Lifting Platform

The choice of your lifting platform depends first of all on the configuration of your house and the height of the obstacle to be overcome. A stair-climbing platform adapts to all types of stairs: straight, curved, with a landing, etc. The staircase must nevertheless be wide enough to accommodate the rail and platform.

If your stairs cannot be equipped with this equipment, the lifting platform is essential.

However, this requires that it have sufficient floor space and a landing upstairs to allow access. A pit may also be necessary. This elevator can climb a few steps or several elevation levels.