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How to select the best refrigerated trucking company to ship freight?

When you require selecting the best refrigerated trucking company to ship freight, you are actually delegating the firm to take your merchandise safely and in time to the destination at an affordable price. But, when you have a product that is temperature-sensitive and perishable, there is an additional layer of complexity there. You need to be assured that the firm you employ has the appropriate equipment to keep the goods in a temperature-controlled setting and also that the equipment will not fail to work and ruin the delivery. Here are some important qualities to seek when you select a refrigerated trucking firm.


You need to know how long the cold carriers in Florida have been in business. Are they compliant and familiar with FDA regulations for moving perishable goods? Though a new company might be able to transport your product, an experienced company will have a track record of successful hauls and good customer satisfaction; strong signs of a company that can handle the job properly. By allowing an experienced company to handle your goods, you can be sure that your goods will reach the destination safe and secure.


Inspect the equipment owned by the trucking company. Do they possess newer or older equipment? A company that has technologically advanced and newer equipment is less prone to breakdowns. Their refrigeration technology will be more sophisticated and thus they can offer superior environmental controls. Also, you need to ensure that the drivers are trained properly to operate the equipment. Owning new equipment is not much of a thing if the driver is not adequately trained to control it.


You may be drawn towards the best refrigerated trucking company to ship freight that offers personalized service. But, when you require a temperature-controlled truck, you need to be assured that the firm has the ability to meet your requirements. You need to enquire how many hubs the company has. Also, ask if they can get the goods easily to the destination where it needs to reach. If the company does not transport goods to where you need them to, you need to ask if they can offer a brokerage and get a truck to make the delivery for you.


The trucking company that provides the cheapest cost might not always be able to take care of your job. You need to check if the company has hidden costs like multiple stop costs, hitch and unhitch expenses, or overnight waiting costs. Choosing a low-cost company can cost you more in the long run. Although cost is an essential factor, you shouldn’t consider it as the only major factor.

In simple words, you need to choose a cold carriers in Florida that has the proper equipment, and infrastructure to deal with temperature-sensitive items and a track record of satisfying their customers. A small research can help you save money and make sure that your perishables reach their destination at the right time and in good condition.