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How a Used 2018 Chevrolet Tahoe Made Us Buy It?   

The Chevrolet Tahoe has always grabbed our attention and liking whenever we got to see it in closer range. But to be frank enough, it was its high price tag that always kept us away from driving one home. So, when we got the offer from the Black Mountain used SUV dealer to buy a used version of the 2018 Chevrolet Tahoe, we did not want to lose the opportunity this time.

Our visit to the said dealership encouraged to take a step further and go for a test drive which was immensely tempting. The test drive then impressed us too strongly, while the smooth paperwork from the dealership accentuated the process of buying the 2018 Chevrolet Tahoe home, without having us to think it twice. Today, we can safely say that we never regretted the decision we made that day, and even recommend those who are still having doubts to buy one. For those prospective buyers, all we have is a note of appreciation for this model, and how it made us buy it.

The Visual Appeal

The 2018 Chevrolet Tahoe, that we got to buy was gently used, and did not show any trace of rough handling anywhere. In other words it looked as good as new. To be honest, it was this first-look impression that contributed largely in making our decision. The design of the 2018 Chevrolet Tahoe had the perfect blend of sophistication with ruggedness and the impression it overall creates isa sense of reliability, which no buyer can ignore.

The Powerful Road Handling

The used version of the 2018 Chevrolet Tahoe that we bought drove like a king on the highways, while we were surprised to see its maneuvering and road handling capabilities, when it drove through the snaky and stuffy roads of the city.

The model we got to buy of the 2018 Chevrolet Tahoe had a 5.3-liter V8 engine under its hood that came up with 355 hp and 383 lb-ft of torque, though we were aware of the fact, that the lineup also had a 6.2-liter V8 engine as optional that could manage the roads still better with its whopping 420 hp and 460 lb-ft of torque. Our model gave us the maneuverability of a six-speed automatic transmission which was set as the standard for the 5.3-liter engine while those who will get to buy the 6.2-liter version will get to enjoy the smooth gear shifts of a 10-speed automatic transmission.

Interior Utility and Comfort

The 2018 model year version of the Chevrolet Tahoe is a full-size SUV model that can seat up to eight adult passengers in its three rows of comfortably spread seats. The used version of the 2018 Chevrolet Tahoe we got to buy came configured with four-wheel drive configurations, though rear wheel drive was there as the standard. The 2018 Chevy Tahoe gave us 15.3 cubic feet of cargo room with all the three rows of seats engaged, while a space of 51.7 cubic feet and 94.7 cubic feet can be obtained by folding both the rear rows of seats down.

As per the best used SUV dealer in Black Mountain, it was no less than a boon to get a used version of such a recent model of the Chevrolet Tahoe, and even today, we agree to what they said.