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Everything We Need To Know About A Vehicle Information App

When buying a new or used car, it is essential to know basic details about it because it may have been in an accident. Nowadays, some practical applications are available that significantly keep us safe from such accidents. Moreover, these platforms help us compare the characteristics of different vehicles, and we can even check the gasoline prices for our cars in real-time. Therefore, we can save money on any two-wheeler or four-wheeler maintenance as the online platform offers us the opportunity to use the function of saving essential documents.

Top Features Of An mParivahan App:

  1. A number plate scanner is available on the virtual platform to quickly discover all the vital RC or vehicle details. It also gives us helpful information such as the name and address of the vehicle owner, car model, class, insurance, fuel type, etc.
  2. We need to provide the RC and DL numbers and scan the number plate to find essential information regarding challan status and other necessary details.
  3. Furthermore, we get relevant information regarding driving licenses with a few clicks just by providing the license number and year of birth on the app.
  4. It is very easy to locate any RTO office in India. For example, we just need to put the city name to find the address, phone number, and website of the RTO surat office.
  5. It helps us prepare for the driving license test by providing study materials and essential tricks. Therefore, we can easily remember various traffic signs and view questions regarding traffic symbols. 
  6. One of the app’s features is that it allows us to practice the RTO exam sitting at home before going to the actual exam and reviewing our answers by getting an instant result. 

Benefits Of Using A Vehicle Information App:

  • We can stay updated with car information, including vehicle registration details, with the help of a vehicle information app. 
  • It helps avoid late fees or penalty payments, uses the traffic checker, and confirms the previous fines and challans. 
  • A Parivahan app makes it possible to find every detail we require from the RTO with the help of license or car number plate information.
  • The number plate details on the vahan parivahan app further allow us to check all vehicle information such as insurance, ownership, car age, engine model, petrol or diesel, and accident history.
  • Nowadays, we no longer have to think about finding a parking spot as these online platforms let us discover, book and park anywhere in the country.
  • Most of these platforms can be used as a traffic fine checker. Therefore it is very simple for all the users to check traffic rule details and fuel prices in the city of their choice.

How To Use An Online Vehicle Information Platform?

  1. Download the app and register using your mobile number.
  2. Open and click on services available on the app
  3. Next, enter your vehicle number plate details and click enter
  4. Now, you are eligible to access FASTag balance online
  5. Recharge through net banking, debit or credit cards, UPI, or mobile wallets to access their services.

Currently, a vehicle information app is the one-stop solution for all FASTag-related services and offers FASTag at the best market price. Additionally, we can check the real-time balance for certain banks on the app. Some banks and NBFCs provide FASTag services, including SBI, Kotak, IDBI, HDFC, IndusInd, NPCI, Airtel, and more.