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Do You Need Travel Insurance for Going Out of State?

Planning a road trip across the states? There’s so much more you can see when you drive through a new state rather than flying there.

You get to have a journey, rather than simply enjoying the destination. Many of your best memories will likely be had in the middle of nowhere.

But if this is going to be your first road trip, you might be wondering if you need travel insurance for out of state trips. After all, many travel experts recommend insurance for any trip you take.

Before making a decision, read this quick guide to find out when to get travel insurance and when you don’t need it.

What Is Travel Insurance?

Travel insurance is not the same thing as health insurance or auto insurance. It’s an additional insurance policy you purchase for a set time, such as a week-long vacation or a 3-month backpacking trip on another continent.

Travel insurance usually covers various losses you may experience while traveling. This could include trip delays or cancellations, lost or delayed baggage, or even stolen belongings.

It also covers medical expenses and emergency rescues and evacuations. Different providers offer different plans. For example, some might be better suited for traveling families, while others may be best suited for those engaging in adventurous sports abroad.

When Do I Need Travel Insurance?

“Do I need travel insurance?” It’s a good question to ask before embarking on a trip. In fact, you can often purchase travel insurance during your trip.

If you are planning a road trip within the US, whether in your home state or across multiple states, you need to compare travel insurance benefits with the risks you face.

One of the main reasons to purchase travel insurance is for trip cancellation. Travel insurance can often cover the cost of airline tickets, cruises, or tours, which are often booked months in advance.

When you are taking a short road trip, you don’t have to worry about airline tickets. If you booked hotels, you can often change or cancel your reservations at little or no charge.

Medical emergencies are also a big concern when traveling. But if you are traveling within the US, your health insurance policy may cover you, no matter where you are in the country. Some policies only cover you in certain areas, so be sure to check with your policy provider.

Those taking short road trips within the US can usually forgo travel insurance. But if you have a lot of reservations, or you simply want added peace of mind, you can always purchase it.

Prepare Your Vehicle

When driving your own car out of state, it’s important that you ensure your car is ready to go. This includes mechanical inspection, but also ensuring you have the title of your car, have the vehicle up to date on registration, and having your VIN verified.

This ensures a smooth process in the unfortunate event of getting pulled over during your trip. Those in California can check this page for help getting their vehicle ready for a trip.

Road Trips Are the Easier Vacation

So do you need to get travel insurance? For most people in the US who already have the proper health and auto insurance, the answer is that you probably don’t need it.

Travel insurance comes in handy when dealing with expensive flights and other reservations, or when out of the country and medical care is a concern. Still, it wouldn’t hurt to research your options.

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