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All About Automatic Transmission Repairs   

One of the major advancements that has taken place in the history of automotive industry is the innovation of automatic transmission. It has not only changed the way one drives a car, but has also reduced the probabilities of transmission damage, since there is no manual interference and any scope for human error. The automatic transmission adjusts the gear of the car, of its own, as it detects the speed of the car and the terrain it is driving through.

But like any other machine, even the automatic transmissions can get damaged, though the chances are rare. But because of its complex mechanism, servicing the automatic transmissions will be way apart from that of repairing the manual gearboxes, explained the mechanics of the Cottonwood auto repair service center. They further added to the discussion that when a car is equipped with automatic transmission, the frequency visiting the repair centers automatically reduces. Not only the automatic transmissions reduce the necessity for a transmission repair, but also enhances the longevity of the engine, since there cannot be any wrong gear engagement when the automatic gearbox is at charge.

How Automatic Transmission Works

The automatic transmission work on most complex mechanisms among all other kinds of transmissions. To work properly all the automatic transmissions will require is a specific kind of fluid to be filed in its compartment at a certain amount. But if you fail to ensure this much of requirement, then there cannot be any guarantee that the automatic transmission will keep working its usual way.

This special fluid that is required for automatic transmissions is specifically formulated with multi-functional abilities like carrying the right amount of engine power to the configured wheels, as per the vehicle needs, while driving at a particular speed, or on a road surface.

The transmission fluid also works with the hydraulic systems of the vehicle, for which it needs to be flowing easily between the parts to ensure, there is no unnecessary friction among the metal parts, that can heat up the transmission and engine excessively.

This new type of transmission fluid contributes largely to maintaining the seals of the transmission by keeping them softer, and even plays the role of coolant, when required. Hence, it plays a major role in regulating the temperature and keeping the engine zone cool. But if the particularity and specifications of the transmission fluid is not met, as described by the car manufacturer through the owner’s manual, then it won’t be able to function the right way, and can end up damaging the internal systems of the engine and transmission, severely.

What Can Get Damaged

If the automatic transmission gets damaged for some reason, it can be felt while the gear shifts that will not take place automatically or as swiftly as it used to do. You can also get to hear some squeaky noise as soon as you change the speed or direction of the vehicle. So, whenever you observe any of these signs of trouble, you must consult an auto mechanic or visit an auto repair shop near you, suggested the mechanical head who offers auto repair service Near Cottonwood.