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3 Easy Ways To Fix Scratches On Your Car

There are different things that cause scratches on car paint. These include burglary, inefficient parking, accidents and other factors that lead to imperfections on the vehicle coat. Scratches are conspicuous and they interfere with the car appearance and it is costly to have new paint coats on the vehicle. 

Use of toothpaste on the scratched surface

First run your fingernail on the scratches to determine if they are deep or just on the surface. If they are not deep then toothpaste is a viable option. In case the fingernail catches the scratches then it means they run deep and professional services are contacted for expertise in handling the different detailing products like Nexgen ceramic spray.

Before applying the toothpaste wash and pat dry the scratched place to prevent further damages from debris and dirt. Cleaning is done individually or a car wash and different tools are used to ensure ultimate cleanliness including brushes, detergents and wiping clothes.

Depending on the size of the scratch squeeze the relevant amount of toothpaste on a microfiber towel and apply it on the scratch with circular motions while applying pressure. After you finish the buffing process you can now rinse off the excessive toothpaste. You may need to repeat the process more than once for a good outlook.

Utilize the scratch removal products when the scratches are small

First wash off all the dirt that is left in a scratch. Before applying soap spray the car with a hose and the use sponges used to clean cars to spread the soap and then rinse the car completely and dry it using microfiber towels. Purchase the scratch removal products from the supplier’s stores and remember to compare car detailing products or read a Torque detail review for informed selections. For the car’s clear coating use the scratch repair pens for the light car scratches. Apply a little of the product on the affected area evenly and work slowly on the areas and apply little pressure for a great final look. After finishing the buffing process clean the product residue and do not allow the excess product dry on the car. You can repeat the process severally until the aimed results are achieved and always follow the manufacturer’s instructions before handling the products

.Fixing the deep scratches by painting

The first step is cleaning and drying the car while paying close attention to the affected area. Sand scrub the scratched spots or areas to remove the top paint layers using sand papers in the scratch direction. Then rinse the part with water and check the progress and if the scratch is deep continue scrubbing till you attain the desired level.

Clean the area then dry it and then spray required primer coats on the scratched area and the chosen primer should have a color close to the initial car paint. Spray or apply the needed coats to match with the car requirements and then wax the repaired part.

In conclusion, if you understand the importance of detailing your car you will help keep it  protected from external damage including from extreme weather conditions and scratching from accidents. There are various processes that are used to solve the issues and involving professional dealers ensure that the process is carefully handled and you get the value of your money.