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Understand the purpose of steering & suspension systems

One of the necessary and complicated systems within a vehicle is the suspension system. You must know how complicated a car’s inner workings are. Every individual piece functions together to help give a safe and smooth ride. The suspension, brakes, and steering systems are all great safety components of any vehicle. If there’s something wrong with any of them it can affect the safety and performance of the car.

There are some issues such as worn brake pads. The wheels being out of placement or leaking steering fluid are more serious issues. Like a bad tie rod, warped rotor, or failing struts. Regardless of the problems, having the brakes, suspension, and steering systems checked. And repair is key to having the car safe to drive. If you need any help you can check the services provided by

Know the purpose of steering & suspension systems

Your steering and suspension systems are two different systems. That functions in tandem to have your car under control.

  • The suspension system aids the weight of your vehicle. Creates stable road control, and gives a smooth ride, drivability, and handling.
  • The steering system gives directional control of your car. Your steering system chooses the direction of the suspension system. And the car follows as it is riding atop the suspension system.

Why the steering and suspension should be inspected?

Regular driving conditions produce wear and tear on your suspension and steering systems. All of the components that comprise those systems such as shocks, ball joints, struts, and control arm bushings. Also, the steering linkage and coil springs will weaken and wear over time. This wear produces excessive tire wear, instability in road management, and loss of ride comfort.

Have your steering and suspension systems checked by a reliable and trusted specialist like Pedders will notify you if there’s an issue. Before they become a great issue that will result in further expenses.

Know when the steering & suspension must be inspected

Your steering and suspension system must be reviewed periodically. Like any other systems on your car, your steering and suspension systems must have an occasional check-up. The ideal times to check your steering and suspension comprise:

  • Most car manufacturers suggested checking each system every 50,000 miles
  • Annually- regardless of miles, age deteriorates hydraulic and rubber parts
  • Once the tires are replaced, worn parts can decrease tire life
  • When the system of your brake is serviced.
  • When filter and oil are changed a visual inspection must be done
  • Once you noticed fluid leaking where you park
  • Anytime your vehicle is in service routine. And the steering and suspension are attainable.
  • When you observed that your car has any irregular handling or control characteristics.

To avoid further issues with your car, it is important to have it inspected by a trusted car specialist.