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Case Study: CDL 1000 Smart Technology for Logistics

CDL1000 Smart technology for logistics is an asset-oriented supply chain administration company that offers intermodal transportation on a 24 hour time and has created a common marketplace for brokers, costumes, and carriers.

This “Great trucking revolution” has a CEO that believes in using advanced technology with an execution that is an AI-oriented service. Having an AI based service can maximize the reach over a very short period. They also provide customization that helps their clients. CDL1000 initiated its business with a primary focus on transporting containers within Chicago and the Midwest in general. The company currently occupies 60 trucks that are primarily used for short-haul delivery that are present in the Midwest vicinity.

It is observed that many companies use drayage intermodal as one of the major modes. The aim is to reduce the time to increase efficiency.

Real-Time Tracking Platform:

A real-time platform is the need of the hour. This enables clear communication and provides immediate updates on the ETA and Load updates. Being automated, it does not require actual interaction. This not only focuses on safe delivery but also creates an environment of transparency. This feature will surely help companies shortly.

Driver Tracking Mobile App:

There is also a driver mobile app called My Loads that acts as a private dashboard for independent drivers. It provides them with information regarding the history and data of completed loads. All the data and information such as the pickup and drop locations including the time are captured here. This technology gives the customers of CDL1000 to analyze the service on a real-time basis. 

Smarter Logistics:

Smart Logistics is the one-stop for buyers, sellers, and carriers where solutions are provided with the help of AI to ensure efficiency and safety when it comes to revolutionizing the truck industry. This aims to provide solutions that utilize resources in the best manner and are also cost-effective at the same time. is an advanced supply chain and logistics company that has effectively bridged the gap of communication by using state of the art technology. The overall networking ability of the firm has reached a new level as supply chain solutions are availed almost immediately without any fail. To provide solutions that are fast-paced and effective, it aims to provide numerous intermodal hauling solutions.