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2023 Chevrolet Bolt EUV – One of the Best EVs to Get

Quite spacious for its size, the amazing electric motor that supplies power to this vehicle, and other aspects ensures that one of the best electric vehicles to get is the 2023 Chevy Bolt EUV.

To own this vehicle, you need to visit Jacksonville Chevrolet dealer whenever you’re free. After reaching the showroom you should check out all the details stated below to know that you’re getting the correct car for yourself.

EV’s performance

A single powertrain is available for all Bolt EUV models. It generates 200 horses through its electric motor and has an FWD setup. Since there is only one motor, for now, there is no AWD system available for this Chevy vehicle.

Every electric car comes with an instant power choice which is responsible for offering perky acceleration whenever driving. Also, its one pedal drive setup takes place because of the regenerative braking system; this, in turn, aids in extending this vehicle’s already amazing range.

It also manages a respectable time for completing 0-60 mph which takes this vehicle 6.8 seconds. Also, people enjoy competent handling along with a comfortable ride that is thrilling to an extent. Ride comfort for this vehicle is at an all-time high due to this powertrain. Also, this vehicle can offer a mileage of 115 MPGe.

Battery details

Every Bolt EUV motor gets the juice from a battery pack of 65kWh. It helps in providing a driving range of 247 miles. To charge this battery pack people have a few options. It can be charged using a 120-volt is quite common; however, most buyers prefer to get a 240-volt connection as it can help in charging quite quicker than using a 120-volt.

Lastly, people can also charge this vehicle using fast-charging DC stations. Just it using a DC station for 30 minutes can offer a 95-mile driving range.

Comfortable interior

Every design is modernized for the 2023 version of Bolt EUV. It is nicely trimmed and stylish; thanks to its steering wheel with a flat bottom. Also, this car is longer and taller than its earlier car. This makes Bolt additional extra space for people to sit comfortably.

Some features that one can find in the cabin include an infotainment 10.2-inch screen, Wi-Fi hotspots, smartphone integration, Amazon’s Alexa, driver assistance, et. To know more, visit Jacksonville Chevrolet dealership.

LT and Premier model

There are just two variants available for Bolt EUV. LT costs $28,795 and Premier costs $33,295. Either would do good for you. However, anyone looking to have one should opt for Premier model as this comes with an additional classy feature which provides a luxurious feel to passengers and drivers.

Electric powertrain, longer battery life, excellent interior, etc. are the things that make the 2023 Chevrolet Bolt EUV one of the best electric car versions. So, why wait, simply get to a showroom that will help you take home this car after you submit all the documents and more to quickly get this car home.

So, stop your worry and just buy this car!